Asexual Pride Stainless Steel Ring

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Show your Ace Pride with this stainless steel ring with comfort band. These rings are super durable and made from high quality steel and enamel. They will not bend, break, turn your finger green and are hypoallergenic. Steel does not tarnish. The easiest way to clean it is to wash your hands with soap and water.

***Please make sure of your size before ordering. This can be done most accurately with a local jeweler for free. You can even have it done at a local Walmart jewelry counter. We will exchange, should you make a mistake, but you will end up paying shipping three times.

***While our rings are made of virtually indestructible steel and are extremely durable for everyday wear, it should be noted that the color in the rings is an epoxy. Frequent exposure to water, especially warm water, breaks the bond between the steel and epoxy causing it to lift. It is advised to take your ring off before bathing, swimming, or hand washing.