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Boo-tiful You: Queer Costume Ideas for a Fabulous Halloween

Hey there, spooky queens! 🎃 Halloween's almost here. Ready to unleash your fabulous alter ego? We are! This guide's brimming with costumes that let your queer spirit shine. Think iconic LGBTQ+ figures and adorable couple's ideas. Want budget-friendly or last-minute options? Got 'em! So grab your confetti and your courage. Let's get you looking drop-dead fabulous!

Wear Your Pride: Iconic LGBTQ+ Figures to Channel This Halloween

Marsha P. Johnson

She's a legend. Marsha P. Johnson—the "P" stood for "Pay It No Mind"—was a trailblazing trans activist. Got a floral headpiece? Pair it with a vibrant maxi dress. You're channeling Marsha, the Stonewall icon!

Freddie Mercury

Mustache. White tank top. Confidence. That's Freddie Mercury in a nutshell. The Queen frontman was unapologetically himself. Belt out "Bohemian Rhapsody" and you're golden.

Freddie Mercury

Ellen DeGeneres

Classic and comfy. Ellen's style screams laid-back chic. A blazer, sneakers, and that signature pixie cut. Don't forget to dance—Ellen would approve.

Harvey Milk

A true trailblazer. Harvey Milk was one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S. Rock a '70s suit, and grab a megaphone. Advocate for change, even if it's just for the night.

Audre Lorde

Poet. Feminist. Badass. Audre Lorde taught us about the intersectionality of identity. Grab a book and some statement glasses. Share a verse or two. Audre would love it.

Lovebirds Unite: Queer Couple Costumes That Are #RelationshipGoals

Bert and Ernie

Childhood nostalgia, anyone? Yep, Bert and Ernie are often seen as a classic queer couple. One wears stripes, the other's in solids. Add rubber duckies for fun!

Ellen & Portia

Talk-show queen meets stunning actress. Ellen's look? Sporty and slick. Portia? Elegance in a gown. Two red carpets? Even better.

Laverne Cox & Sophia Burset

Two words: Orange is the New Black. Channel Laverne Cox's real-life fab and her character Sophia’s prison glam. A killer combo.

Tegan and Sara

Indie darlings. Canadian. Twins! Both rock the indie-chic vibe, but with individual flair. Think skinny jeans, graphic tees, and a whole lotta cool.

Willow and Tara

Witches in love. Thank you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For Willow, go geek chic. Tara? Boho meets goth. Don't forget a spellbook!

Glam, Gore, and Glitter: Halloween Looks for Every Mood

All That Glitters

Go big. Go shiny. Glitter beards for those rocking facial hair. Glitter eyeshadow to catch the light. Heck, glitter everywhere! When in doubt, just sparkle.

Vampy Vixen

Think dark. Sultry. A long cape and some dramatic eyeliner do the trick. Add a pair of fangs. It’s high glam meets vampire chic.

The Walking Queer

Gory? Check. But make it fashion. Zombie up your best runway look. Tattered clothes, high heels, and some faux blood. Eerie yet stunning!

Drag-tastic Diva

Wigs. Lashes. Sequins. We're talking full-on drag queen glam. Whether you're channeling RuPaul or Divine, go over-the-top. Own that stage, even if it’s your living room.

Chill AF Onesie

Who says costumes can’t be comfy? Pick a unicorn, a dragon, or even a rainbow. Then relax. Sometimes less is more.

Yaaas, Budget-Friendly! DIY Costumes That Won’t Break the Bank

Rainbow Realness

Easy and iconic. Grab some colorful clothing from your closet. Arrange it to make your own human rainbow. Throw in some face paint and you're the pride flag incarnate!

DIY Diva Fan

Fan-tastic, right? Create a fan from cardboard. Write "YAAAS QUEEN" or "SHE/HER" or whatever resonates. Pair with a simple outfit. Statement made!

Femme Flannel

Lesbian lumberjack, anyone? Flannel shirt, beanie, jeans. Instant and affordable. Throw in some faux tats for extra edge.

Femme Flannel

Pop Art Pioneers

Warhol? Haring? Just need some cardboard and markers. Turn their iconic works into wearable art. You're a walking gallery!

"The Future is Female" Tee

Stencil and spray paint. Turn a plain white tee into a feminist slogan. Add a cap or bandana. You’re woke and wallet-friendly!

(We also have some fun and funky queer-slogan Tees over in our shop)

Beyond the Binary: Non-Conforming Costume Ideas for All

Androgynous Angel

Heavenly, right? Think neutral tones, flowy fabrics. Throw on some wings. Divine and not confined to any gender.

Bowie's Starman

Glam rock meets sci-fi. Bowie's Starman look is both iconic and gender-fluid. A shimmering jumpsuit says it all. Ziggy played guitar, and you'll play the star.

Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Hybrid

Why choose? Be both Frida and Diego. Divide your outfit down the middle. Mustache on one side, flower crown on the other. A double dose of genius.

The Literal Gender-Bender

Take common gender symbols. Twist 'em, flip 'em, merge 'em. Make a t-shirt or go full-on cardboard cut-out. You’re a walking statement!

Pansexual Pirate

Yarrr! Pirates don't care about gender norms. Bandana, eye patch, and an array of colorful clothing. Be as flamboyant or as muted as you like.

Last-Minute Lifesavers: Quick and Easy Queer Costumes

The Disco Diva

Got a glittery top and some flared pants? Boom! Instant disco queen. Groove your way through Halloween with ease and flair.

Disco Diva

Vogue Cover Star

Print out a Vogue logo. Tape it to your best outfit. Pose! You’re not just any model—you're the queer icon this magazine cover needs.

Joystick Jockey

Retro game shirts anyone? LGBTQ+ gamers, this one's for you. Don a shirt with Pac-Man or Zelda. Add a controller as your prop. Game on!

The Unapologetic Unicorn

You've got a hoodie and some paper, right? Make a quick horn. Attach it to the hoodie. Be as rainbow or as monotone as you want. Mythical!

The Insta Influencer

Selfie stick. Sunglasses. Fabulous outfit. Snap away! You're an LGBTQ+ influencer for the night, no blue check required.

Are you all set?

Wowza, what a ride! We’ve navigated through iconic LGBTQ+ figures, swoon-worthy couple costumes, and DIY gems that won’t have you selling a kidney. From glitz and glam to last-minute magic, we’ve got something for every queer soul out there. So go ahead, pick your fave, and rock this Halloween like the superstar you are. And remember, the best accessory you can wear is your pride. Now, go make this Halloween your most boo-tiful one yet!